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Hello yes this blog is still alive can we just say that the crowd at TFC’s home opener singing the Canadian anthem with zero accompaniment on Saturday was a thing of beauty?

(I mean starting the season 2-0-0 is also a thing of beauty but this is TFC so I don’t really expect that to last you know? Just let me have this)

Permalink Joe Bendik’s tweet about Darren O’Dea’s departure.

The thing that makes Toronto FC interesting to watch still is that somehow they make you hope

Like this time they won’t fuck it up

There’s only a minute left, they can’t possibly fuck it up

They’re up by two goals, I know shit’s been bad, but they can’t let two late goals in!

But then suddenly they’re tripping over their own feet and kicking weak-ass passes and just having no fucking clue where each other even are to pass to and 

Jesus christ no one is even there why are you passing there 


No human being can run that fast why are you passing it so hard 


No no fucking no you’re going the wrong way you son of a bitch 

And then suddenly it’s tied and you’re like


Like it’s actually statistically impossible for them to have conceded so many late goals and that’s fascinating.


Who Decided Watching Soccer in 6 Degree Weather Was A Good Idea?

I’m just home from the Toronto FC X FC Dallas match and I’m SO COLD. It was nice in the supporters’ end until the sun went away and then it was AWFUL.

The stadium started clearing out around the 75th minute, as it tends to when there’s so little time left and Toronto is down 2:0. Last season, it would’ve been the end. This season, however, we’re apparently a whole different team who can score 2 goals in the last 5 minutes with almost no trouble and we clawed back a point from the first place team in the west.

It was all in all a very exciting game with some questionable calls from the ref, but even that couldn’t hold Toronto back forever.

Goals for Toronto were scored by Justin Braun in the 85th minute (after replacing John Bostock in the 73rd) and Darel Russell in the 90th.

Justin Braun also picked up a late yellow in stoppage time, so it was a rather eventful game for him.

Toronto is away to Philadelphia next week; hopefully they can turn this new art of drawing they have into a win!


I just published my first piece on the blog I'm writing for now!

Just a straightforward match report for Toronto FC vs Sporting KC.

Permalink Toronto FC unveiled their new home jersey for the 2013 season today.
It’ll see action at the Home Opener March 9th at the Rogers Centre, for which tickets are still available. And if you order the jersey from Real Sports you’ll get tickets to the game!

Goodbye and Good Luck, Torsten

To quote a friend of mine from Facebook:

Frings is the kind of DP you want. He earned every penny of his cheque taking on any task he was assigned and giving his all.
He will be most surely missed and leaves a massive gap to fill in the centre of our mid-field. Best of luck to him…and US!!!

Thanks for everything, Torsten.

Now if only you’d been able to stick around long enough for BMO Field to introduce a Harveys-style fries/onion rings combo in your honour.


Toronto FC Cleaning House

Option Declined On Six Players

Adrian Cann among those Toronto FC released on Thursday.
The other five players: Dicoy Williams, Ty Harden, Keith Makubuya, Nicholas Lindsay and Oscar Cordon, who tweeted “thank God!” in response. Well.
Getting some fresh blood into the team can’t be a bad thing and at least one player obviously didn’t want to be there anymore anyway.
(Not that I can blame him because why would you want to be with such a hot mess of a team if someone else will take you, I mean really.)

And so ends our campaign to make it to Brazil in 2014.

We could’ve gone out better than with an 8:1 loss to Honduras, but here we are. It was a tough group and still a close battle for those top two spots. We weren’t that far off from reaching the Hex!

And it could be worse. We could be Cuba.